Best Youtube Niches with High CPM

There are two most common ways to Make money on YouTube one method. Is through YouTube ad sense and the other is through affiliate marketing. 

 To be eligible for YouTube Adsense you must have over 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. The good news is that you don’t need such qualifications to start earning money with affiliate marketing. You can earn money with affiliate marketing as soon as you publish your first. Video YouTube Adsense pays you for people seeing advertisements on your video.  

This is why the issues is so important because various investors pay differently and each choice matters and the length of the video you post is also important since it determines how many ads you may insert in the video. As a result, the longer your video, the more ads you can insert, resulting in even more money paid through YouTube ad sense when earnings for you to add sense, the amount you will be paid is also determined by the CPM of your niche.  

In other words, the cost per Mille or CPM refers to the amount of money you will be paid per 1000 views. That number varies greatly across. It was nice. Is depending on the niche that some can cost as low as $3 and some as high as $60.00 or even higher.  

You can now see that the number of views does not count as much because someone can receive a lot of views, but the type of content they create does not have. A high CPM. Yes, the number of views is important, but not as much as the niche about. Which you are creating content. Now that you understand how to make money on YouTube and the significance of selecting a profitable niche 

Here are 7 Most Profitable Niches on Youtube in 2023 

Number one car and automotive niche.  

The car and automotive niche is one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. The CPM for this market ranges from $10 to $20. I’m sure you can get a good indication of the type of videos you’ll be making just by looking at the. Name of this niche for this niche you can perform reviews on some of the most recent cars, or you can do a compilation of numerous. Related cars, for example, you may create a video titled Top five most luxurious serves.  

You can also focus on a specific car and do an in depth study of aspects such as interior design, performance and comfort.  

Top cars TV. Is a good example of a channel in this. Category this channel was founded on June 27th, 2017 and has 160,000 subscribers. As of 2020, two 101 facts about vehicles is one of their most popular videos. This video was released two years ago and had nearly 5,000,000 views. So based on the views, this. Video has received you can be sure that the car and automotive niche has an affluent audience. Tide to it, ensuring that your videos will constantly receive views. So how much does this channel urn? Looking at the Socialblade analytics, we can see that this channel has had over 1,000,000 views in the last 30 days. Using uh CPM of $10 to $20, we can estimate that this channel earns at least $10,000 per month simply from add income.  

The advantage of a channel like this is that it has some chances for brand deals and sponsorships. As a result, the earning potential in this area is enormous. Don’t worry, even if you’re just starting and haven’t been monetized, you can still make money with affiliate marketing. For example, but channel Raymond raised repairs is a mostly faceless car repair channel with 460,000 subscribers and 12.3 million monthly views. A quick Google search will show that the average affiliate sales conversion rate is between 0.5% and 1%. 

 That means a channel like Raymond raised repairs is making at least 61,000. 500 sales a month the content creator has links to Amazon in his description, letting us know he’s enough. Amazon offers a Commission of 4.5% for automotive related sales. If the average sale he makes his $50.00 and he’s making 61,500 sales per month on average, Raymond raised repairs is selling over $3 million of product for Amazon at a Commission of 4.5%. Is earning $130,375 for himself in just affiliate sales on top of the $12,000? His channel is earning from AM revenue before YouTube takes her 45% cut.  

This is why I often say that CPM are irrelevant on YouTube. If you’re in the right niche, your affiliate sales earnings can dwarf your ad revenue regardless of what country you live in. 


 #2 outdoor and adventure niche.  

The outdoor and adventure niche is next on the list. This is one of the many YouTube niches that we have available. You can tell. What this nitches about by hearing its name, you can make a video about anything relating to the outdoors adventure, whether it’s the equipment needed for the adventure or the gorgeous sites where people can go on and. Venture, for example, you could make a video telling people about the appropriate gadgets to bring on an adventure. You may also write a review of inexpensive places people can stay while on an adventure in a specific country.  

Everything revolves around the outdoor and adventure market. Aria is a wonderful example channel in this niche. This channel was founded on May 27th, 2017 and has around 380,000 subscribers as of 2020. To this channel example video is titled How to use a compass. This video has received over 2.5 million views to date. As you can see, perhaps there were folks out on an adventure who didn’t know how to use a. Compass thus this video is here to help them. According to Socialblade statistics, this channel has received over 65 million views in the last 30 days. And is expected to earn between $16,000 and $260,000. 

That is a.Ridiculous sum, but we know that’s still inaccurate. Socialblade uses a CPM range of between $0.25 to $4 per 1000 monetized playbacks. Meanwhile, channels in the outdoor and adventure niche have a CPM of $2.00 to $16.00. This means that Ari I could be earning between $130,000. And $1,000,000 before YouTube takes their share.  

The advantage with this niche is that affiliate marketing pays substantially more than AD. Revenue you have unlimited ways to profit from Amazon affiliate links and become a member of the Amazon affiliate program. Amazon has almost anything you can think of for every day. Carry Wilderness, outdoor and survival gear and the issue is because of the number of sales and the frequent use of your links, buyer guides and other such items. This would be extremely profitable.  

As with the ability to demonstrate these products in your videos, some channels, like Raymond raised repairs make over $100,000 just from this. So give it a shot.  

My #3 marketing niche  

marketing is another lucrative niche. The advantage of this niche is that you have complete freedom to advertise. Whatever you believe would help you make money. The marketing nation encompasses a wide range of topics. So when you talk about marketing, you may be talking about social media, social media applications and programs, e-mail marketing, affiliate marketing and digital marketing. Or you could be someone who owns a social media firm. You may talk about your company and what goes on behind the scenes and the in’s and outs of it. 

 If you’re talking about different platforms, growth tactics, and so on, if you want to talk about software, it has to be software that people have to pay to use. It only works if people are satisfied with the product and remain loyal paying their bills month after month. 

 Tech Gumbo is a wonderful example channel. This channel was founded on December 30th, 2016 with around 3,000,000 subscribers as of 2022. This channel reviews product that requires purchases and markets them through its affiliate link, which is how they generate money.  

They also make money via YouTube Adsense. This channel received over 2,000,000 views in the last 30 days, may know the channels and the techniques have slips between $8.00 and $25. This allows tech mode earn anything from $16,000 to $50,000 in AD revenue before YouTube takes it’s 45% share.  

So the good news is that under a system like this, everyone wins and nothing goes wrong. It’s also a tiny bit better on some one time purchases such as Web hosting, affiliate marketing, and other products that you could recommend. So boundary commissions range from $100 to $300.00 on a validated sale. So marketing is a very lucrative sector but also quite challenging because you have to know what you’re talking. Thing about before we get too far into it, I’m not sure if it’s for you. What if you know someone who’s interested in growing their channel and dominating YouTube? Then have them subscribe to this channel for more content like this.  

Just imagine if you had $10,000 more in your bank account every month. Use my link in the description if you’d like to try and absolutely free YouTube course that can grow your channel from zero to 10,000 dollars. And profit on YouTube without showing your own face using your own voice or making videos at all.  

#4 tutorial mesh. 

 The tutorial niche is next on our list. This is another wealthy Evergreen niche. The name alone can give you an idea about the tutorial niche for this niche. All you need to do is discover a common problem many people are experiencing and then create a video advising those individuals on how to solve that problem.  

This issue could be that users have difficulty using certain software, so you could create a video tutorial on how to utilize that specific software which will help you gain. A lot of views.  

Ad revenue from tutorials can vary greatly, but it is usually never less than double digits and the point is the CPM’s here can be insane, reaching well over $60.00. However, in terms of what’s customary, $12.00 to $25 CPM’s are far more common in the tutorial sector, especially when talking about software because it lends itself to brand deals. The tutorial niche is evident in how it makes money.  

You could also create related items that work with your instructional niche. This may be something like notion templates. If you’re doing productivity, you can create digital download templates if you know how to use Photoshop. Suppose your YouTube photographer or videographer who creates editing to talk. Grills in that case you can sell lens packs or collaborate with the firm like Motion VFX to create your animation templates and tools for Premiere Pro. After Effects, Final Cut Pro and Divinci resolve so you have a bundle like that and collaborate with a brand to sell a. Product or any? Money from this niche is simple. Look for something you are good at and create a tutorial. For it, the rest will come later.  

#5 camera niche.  

A camera niche is next on our list. This is a long lasting niche with a few faceless cash, cow YouTube channels making videos in it. This is an Evergreen niche sense cameras and camera equipment such as lenses are often quite expensive, which means that the audience watching your video has the money to make purchases on the thing they are viewing, which means that higher.  

Paying advertising will be advertised on your video ad. Revenue in this sector is substantially more than in general tech and can be in the double digits ranging from $10 CPM to $18.00 CPM. Based on what I’ve seen from other content developers. Here’s another fact concerning the camera niche. Suppose you sell a professional camera lens on Amazon affiliate marketing. In that case, the Commission ranges from $75 to $140 depending on the lens, and it might be as much or greater on camera bodies for every 10 sales you make, you will earn $1000.  

If you have a specific channel. Your camera gear can be extremely profitable depending on the item. There is cheaper and more budget gear with lesser commissions on Amazon, but it does have more volume. So you can figure it out. B and a photo videos affiliate program is much more lucrative than Amazon’s, so in terms of affiliate marketing, these are two distinct choices. So the camera nitches profitable because it’s likely that the individuals that engage in that space have money to spend an hour, what is? Considered a warm audience, that means they are consuming content with the intent to buy something eventually.  

#6 ecommerce niche.  

The ecommerce niche is next on the list. This is one of the niches that attract a lot of cash. Cow YouTube channels, but it’s also a market gap that many Youtubers must cover. The ecommerce niche is about online sales and online business, which is well aligned with the U2 and Shopify Discourse. With YouTube and Shopify partnering for you to shopping.  

Providing us with further options. If you have 20,000 or more subscribers and your channel is based in Brazil, India, the United Kingdom or the United States, you now get access to YouTube shopping. As a result, more content providers will profit from this. It’s a fantastic opportunity. E-commerce niche typically consists of content creators discussing topics such as selling products online, whether that’s print on demand products, physical products through drop shipping. Doing your ecommerce through Shopify for digital downloads or prints on demand products that you want outsourced with services such as printify or printful and other types of e-commerce vendors. So there are several approaches to fill in this void. It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation and you don’t have to limit yourself to Shopify. Spread shop or spring.  

Other things exist in the world of e-commerce. Most common examples include digital product sales, memberships, similar items and courses. So even if you’re doing something else, you could be in this niche. The revenue from e-commerce advertisements is enormous. We’re talking about CPM is ranging from $30.00 to $80.00. On top of that, you could be promoting and selling your digital products there. Are affiliate marketing sponsorships and a variety of other methods to make in this sector, which has produced some of the highest paying channels on YouTube and spawned YouTube millionaires such as by he’s a. So it’s a market to keep an eye on. 

 #7 productivity niche.  

The final niche we will discuss is the productivity niche. This is another YouTube. Niche that lacks numerous cash cow YouTube channels, but it’s an Evergreen niche that requires many people to fill the market. Gap the productivity niche attracts a lot of attention. Productivity is universal because we all care about money, which is where ecommerce or making money online comes in. We are also very concerned with time, money and health are two of the most important elements that bring us together. So they will. Always be fantastic niches with Evergreen content and broad appeal to generate views. The intriguing thing about productivity is that it integrates. 

 Consumer products, lifestyle and education, while being relatable and enjoyable as a result, is a niche that I believe will last in a way that few others have. And I don’t believe you have a short life cycle as other creators, because you might quickly phase out or outgrow them, or they may trend down. I don’t believe productivity will ever fall, so like many of the others I stated, this niche produces YouTube millionaires and it lends itself to things like affiliate marketing.  

Well, for software as a service and actual products that improve your life. It could also connect you to lifestyle. Grant opportunities as a brand ambassador while allowing you to market your products. There’s so much going on in terms of being able to sell your products on top of affiliate in sponsorship, revenue and high AD revenue.  

Because productivity allows you to get into any high CPM mesh on YouTube at some point. If you want to work out that way.

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