How to Make Money on Youtube with Animal Niche

Do you know how to make videos in the animal niche? Is the animal niche and what does it entail? If you like pets and similar things will fall in love with this mesh. It does not have to be only pets. If you enjoy any animal, even wild animals. This niche is for you. Just from the name, you can get a general idea of what this niche entails. Essentially what we do in the animal meshes, create videos for either entertainment or educational purposes. The good thing about videos like this is that you can monetize them using other methods such as affiliate marketing, which I will discuss later in the video. You can also combine the animal niche with other niches, such as the top ten and top five. Here you will be able to discuss a variety of related animals and classify them from one to the last. For example, maybe you’ve seen a video about the top 10 most dangerous snakes. This is an example video from the animal meat combined with the top 10. 

You may wonder where the People who make these videos get their information. So once you’ve decided on a title, please research it and search for videos. That will show what you’re saying in the script. Ads will be placed on your video after you upload it and you will be able to earn money based on how long your video is, how many ads you put on it, and how many views you receive. The animals niche has a good CPM compared to other niches and you can also monetize it with affiliate marketing. So the number of views doesn’t matter all that much. What matters most on YouTube is the Nice you choose and the length of your videos. You can see some Youtubers with millions of views, but the average, CPM and their niche. Is around 2:00. Dollars now that you understand how to make money on YouTube and what the animals niche entails, let me show you some example channels in this niche so you can see what type of videos. They produce and how much money successful channels in this niche make. The first channel I’d like to share with you is called animal wised.  

This channel was founded on October 24th, 2016 and as of the publication of this video, it has over 516,000 subscribers. What I like. Best about this channel is how they make their videos. Most of their popular videos are educational, which is why they get many views. This channel has videos. Like why don’t get stuck after mating breeding explanation this video has over 6. 1,400,000 views despite being uploaded only three years ago.  

Another video example is why does my cat sleep with me? This video has over 5,000,000 views and was uploaded four years ago. The titles of the two videos alone indicate that they are intended for educational purposes. So how many views does this channel receive in a month and how much money does it make? According to Social blade statistics, this channel received over 1,500,000 views in the previous 30 days, resulting in earnings ranging from $382 to $6100 that month. However, we know this is incorrect. Long time viewers of this channel know that Socialblade uses an estimated CPM. Range of $0.25 to $4 per 1000 monetized play. Fax our research indicates that channels and the animals nice have a CPM of $5 to $12.00 per 1000 monetized playback. This indicates that animal wise may be earning between $8185 and $19,644 per month before YouTube takes their 45% cut. Before we get too far into it, I’m not sure if it’s for you, but if you know someone who’s interested in growing their channel and dominating you 2, then have them subscribe to this channel for more content. This just imagine if you had $10,000 more in your bank account every month, use my link in the description if you’d like to try and absolutely free YouTube course that can grow your channel from 0 to $10,000 in profit on YouTube without showing your own face using your own voice or making videos at all.  

The next channel I’d like to show you is 4 Evergreen. This channel was founded on. August 7th, 2015. And as of the time this video is being published, it has nearly 3,000,000 subscribers. What I like about this channel, which makes it stand out, is how they create their. Videos you will. Notice that they are making videos about both pets and wild animals, and they are also making videos in the top ten niche which is working quite well for them. One of the most popular videos on this channel is titled 10 Most powerful dogs in the world. This video was uploaded 2 years ago and has received over 24 million views. Another video on their YouTube channel is titled 30 largest animals ever captured. This video has received 10 million views since it was posted a year ago.  

As you can see, people are very interested in learning about. Unusual things in the animal world, so you can be confident that your videos will do very well. So how many views does this channel get in a month and how much money does it make? According to Socialblade statistics, this channel has received over 13 million views in the last 30 days, which has helped them earn anywhere between $3400 and $54,000. Despite how nice this number sounds, were aware that it’s still incorrect with an estimated CPM. Range of $5 to $12.00. It’s likely that 4 Evergreen is earning between $65,000 and $156,000 per month. Can you imagine earning more than $65,000 per month solely from advertising revenue? Isn’t that impressive? Now that you have a good idea of how animal meat channels look and how much money they make, let me explain how you can get title ideas and make videos similar to what you’ve seen. These channels make many people believe it is challenging to create such videos.  

There is no need for costly equipment and I will demonstrate how to do it for free. This method has the advantage of allowing you to get started for free. Your channel generates revenue, you can reinvest it and expand by establishing channels in different niches, which is how you can run a slew of other channels. So without further ado, please allow me to walk you through the process of making these incredibly simple videos. How would I start a channel in the animal niche? I would ensure I had at least 50 video title ideas before making the videos. 

 The advantage of having over 50 different video title ideas is that you won’t have to stop uploading videos to your channel due to a lack of video title ideas. So where are you going to get your title ideas? If I were in your situation, I would. Go to some of the popular. Animal channels and write down the titles of your most popular videos. When you write down 10 titles from 5 different YouTube channels, you’ll have 50 more titles to create videos for and upload to your channel. Following the title selection, you must conduct research and write a script. If you have more time than money, write your script. 

If you cannot Write an excellent script and have more money than time you can hire on Freelancer to write the entire script. The structure of a script must be established first. While some freelancers will write a full script for you, it will not be a blank canvas if you can provide the design. Starting with a blank canvas can be difficult, especially if you do. It yourself you’ll. Need to do a lot of research on the subject, including watching many videos and. Taking notes your. Script will look amazing.  

We’re following successful channels leads because they’re successful. Modeling success does not necessitate exact replication or using the same framework. If you have the structure written down, it will be easier to write the. Script I recommend running a script through copyscape after writing it to ensure that it is unique and free of copyright violations. The next step. After writing, the script is to record the voiceover. If you need more time to finish the voice over to your satisfaction, you can always outsource it to someone who can do it professionally through. On this platform, numerous people can do voice overs for you, so I would look for the most of. Total one again. This presumes that you have more money than time. 

 If you have more time. Than money do your voice overs. This is exactly what most Youtubers do when they first launch their channel. If you want to record it yourself, you’ll need a microphone. Use your phone if you don’t want to spend money on a. Good microphone. Most people watching this video. I’m sure have a smartphone and. Recording voiceovers is as easy as using your phone’s built in voice recording. Program if neither of these options suits you, you may be considering trying a text to speech or TTS solution. Many low quality TTS programs exist, but they won’t help you get monetized on YouTube. You’ll need a sophisticated natural sounding TTS solution like descript. The most human, like TT, is a program on the. Market tried to script for free using my link. The description. So now that I’ve walked. You, through the process of making videos in the animals meat. Let’s move on to monetization. 

 Which is an important part of making money on YouTube. You can begin running advertisements when your channel has 4000 hours of watch time and 1000 subscribers to include many ad breaks. I recommend making your videos at least 8 minutes long. I recommend including an ad every two minutes after you’ve monetized your video, one at the beginning and one at the end. You can make a lot of money from ad revenue. Let’s talk about other monetization options that could help you make more than just add revenue. Because YouTube Adsense is only one of the money sources we’ve looked at, I mentioned that these channels can earn more. They now have an additional source of income. Another way for me to monetize the videos I promote is through affiliate marketing since it is so simple. 

 This is the most popular monetization method. As a result, you are a middleman who connects a buyer to a program or a product. In exchange for a Commission. As soon you. Go to an affiliate marketplace such as ClickBank. Com There are thousands of different items to sell in that case. The fantastic thing about running a channel in the animal niche, especially if you focus on a single animal such as just dogs or cats, is that you can quickly sell affiliate products from the back end of your channel. Let me demonstrate what I mean. If we go through a marketplace called and select the auction home and garden, then animal care and pets, these are all digital products you could promote. Related to different. Pets when you found a product you’d like to promote, include a link to it in the description and pin it in the comments section. That each video. You upload all you have to do is notify your viewers of the links you shared in that video. It’s critical to understand that if an affiliate product is related to the content they were looking at, the likelihood of them purchasing it skyrockets as a result, choosing a product Related to the video you’re making is essential for earning a second Income. 

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